Our country is rapidly moving to social cash transfers but lacks knowledge and capacity; TRANSFORM has tremendous potential to inform, guide and coordinate both politicians and technical staff.

Angolan Trainer from Portuguese ToT

Mozambique, December 2018

This program has given me the courage to implement some of the changes that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

Participant in Kafue District Application

Zambia, 13 March 2018

I am now thinking of how we can utilise this rich information as the twenty-one organisations represented here to carry this information to a higher level through collaboration. We need to form a community.

Chimuka Nachibinga, Resource Governance Programs Coordinator, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction

TRANSFORM National Application for Civil Society, Feb 2020

I have realised that I have a role to play in the implementation of Social Protection at council level, I thought Social Cash Transfer is for officials in the Department of Social Welfare.

District official

TRANSFORM Application for Policy Makers, Mar 2020

TRANSFORM: Voices from the Districts

The things I have been doing wrong, now I can go and work on improving.

A participant from Ministry of Community Development and Social Services

First day I was lost, but now I know I can apply concepts in my own work.

A participant from Ministry of Health

The training will improve my whistle blowing roles and responsibilities.

A participant from a Media Organization