As an inter-agency initiative created between ILO, UNICEF and UNDP, TRANSFORM seeks to build capacity at national and decentralized levels to improve the design, effectiveness and efficiency of social protection systems. TRANSFORM aims not only at imparting state-of-the-art knowledge that is appropriate for the challenges faced by countries in the region, but also to encourage learners to take leadership on the change and transformation of nationally defined social protection systems.



Transforming social protection systems requires more than absorbing pre-fabricated knowledge, to fill heads with any given content. Learning requires the ability to grapple with complexity of social and human elements in specific contexts, to stimulate creativity and innovation to solve emerging new problems, to appreciate diversity and uniqueness of each situation, to be involved and take ownership in change and transformation – elements which are at least as important as the factual knowledge itself. This learning package aims at just that: Transform!


TRANSFORM adopts an innovative pedagogical approach based on conversation and dialogue. Participants go through a leadership-building and transformative journey through thinking and practice, involving personal and group reflection and activities. The methodology focuses on the working environments of the participants and aims to lead to personal commitments or action plans for taking leadership in transformational work.

African regional trainers who have the competences and the motivation to contribute to the further development of the TRANSFORM Social Protection Learning Package and its delivery in the region can be trained into Master Trainers and be involved in delivering capacity strengthening across the continent. It is envisaged that the trainers will form part of a TRANSFORM community, bringing delivery to countries in the region on national and regional level and at the same time be part of developing TRANSFORM further.


TRANSFORM was developed through a collaboration between African social protection experts and Africa-based experts of UN-agencies ILO, UNICEF and UNDP, and delivered in partnership with Socialprotection.org. It was developed with support of the European Union Social Protection Systems Programme (EU-SPS), particularly the Government of Finland, and was further co-financed by Irish Aid.

The establishment of institutional partnerships and alignment of the learning package with existing capacity development initiatives in the area of Social Protection in the region is a critical element to ensure sustainability and impact. Institutionalization and delivery strategies are being pursued from a three pronged approach: at the national, regional and global levels.