The TRANSFORM learning package is organized in eight modules, reflecting the building blocks of an integrated social protection system.

TRANSFORM is currently available in three modalities:

All eight modules of TRANSFORM are presented in this five-day training: Selection & Identification, Monitoring & Evaluation, Management Information Systems, Governance, Coordination, Legal Framework, Administration, and Financing & Financial Management.

The introductory package is available in English, Portuguese, French and Arabic:

Update April 2024: Note that our modules have been revised to include comprehensive guidance on gender-responsive and disability-inclusive social protection systems.

Access training modules in English

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Leadership and Change Management in Social Protection Module

This newest addition to the TRANSFORM curriculum aims to accompany social protection practitioners and managers on their journey of becoming a transformational leader. It guides participants to explore their relationship with change, discover what it means to be a transformative leader in social protection, learn how to manage transformation within their own particular ecosystem, and understand what skills they require, how to develop those they’re lacking and how to hone those they already have.


District-level application

A 5-day curriculum covering all modules, with a specific focus on implementation issues at local/decentralized levels.


These packages aim to provide in-depth understanding on each of the building blocks of a social protection system. 

The following modules are currently available for in-depth training:


The on-line TRANSFORM training is hosted on the socialprotection.org platform. The course is held throughout 10 weeks and covers the full introductory curriculum through TRANSFORM e-facilitators. 

This e-course is an adaption of the TRANSFORM training package and proposed activities from the face-to-face training. The e-course is developed in a linear curriculum, which integrates several content areas, elements and activities.

Each of the 10 modules covers a specific topic and can be completed in 1 week (amounting to 5 hours of activity per week). The first week of the course will provide participants with an introduction to the course approach and concepts, and the last week will be dedicated to the completion of the final assignment.


TRANSFORM Shock-Responsive Social Protection e-Course 

The Shock-Responsive Social Protection online course (TRANSFORM SRSP) specifically targets actors from across the social protection and emergency sectors and complements the eight modules that constitute the TRANSFORM curriculum.