The TRANSFORM learning package is organized in a modular structure, and reflects the key building blocks of a holistic and interdependent social protection system. The TRANSFORM modules that are currently available are listed below. Other modules are under development and will be added to the series.

TRANSFORM has multiple training applications for different cadres of professionals that can be used depending on need as listed:

  • Introduction to Social Protection Systems – 5 day curriculum that broadly covers all topics
  • District level application – 5 day curriculum covering all topics but has a more practical focus on local/decentralized level implementation issues
  • Senior Policy Makers Application – 2-day compressed curriculum that is intended as an introduction both to social protections system building blocks and to TRANSFORM itself. It is targeted at high level decision and policy makers that have limited time available but nonetheless wish to have a broad understanding of the needs for designing, developing and strengthening a comprehensive and inclusive social protection system, as well as understanding how TRANSFORM can be a valuable tool for this.
  • In-Depth Applications for each of the modules: 3-4 day curriculum focusing on actors that need to deepen their understanding on a particular topic (currently available: Monitoring & Evaluation, Selection and Identification, Management Information Systems
  • Shock Responsive Social Protection – New Module Alert! This document aims to support strategic players at country level to engage in the topic of ‘shock responsive social protection’. Specifically, this document aims to: Introduce the key stakeholders and counterparts that can play a role in addressing the pressures imposed by covariate shocks ; Clarify why this topic is important and why ‘business as usual’ is no longer a sustainable strategy; Provide a strong framing to support decision-makers to assess the role of Social Protection in shock -prone contexts;  Set out system strengthening measures along each of the social protection ‘building blocks’ ; Identify the key steps required to advance ‘shock responsive social protection.

Materials 5-day course

Learning resources by module

Learning Resources for Senior Policy Makers Training, District Training and Training of Trainers

Online training course

This e-course is an adaption of the TRANSFORM training package and proposed activities from the face-to-face training. The e-course is developed in a linear curriculum, which integrates several content areas, elements and activities.

The online course will last for 10 weeks and each of the 10 modules will have a specific proposal, as well as period for completion of 1 week (amounting to 5 hours of activity per week). The first week of the course will provide participants with an introduction to the course approach and concepts, and the last week will be dedicated to the completion of the final assignment.