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Abidemi Coker 

Background: Social Policy

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Urban Social Policy, Cash transfers, Social Protection Systems Research, Management & Coordination, Stakeholder Engagement

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer

Geographical Focus: Africa, Asia

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Andre Bongestabs

Addis Yibzawork

Background: Social Policy

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Social Assistance, Cash and Programming, Ending Violence Against Children, Social Service Workforce Strengthening

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer

Geographical Focus: East Africa

Motto: Do to others as you would have them do to you.

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Cesaltina Abreu

Arthur Ngasani 

Daniel Miji

Cathy Chames

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Denise Monteiro

Consolata Ntoburi

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Elber Nosolini

Dampu Ndenzaku

Eunice dos Santos Fernandes

Daniel Hailu

Background: Social Anthropology, Social Work

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Social Assistance, Livelihood Strengthening, Child/Social Protection Systems Building/Strengthening, Social Welfare Systems Strengthening, Social Workforce Strengthening

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer

Geographical Focus: East and Southern Africa

Motto: Let your vision be world embracing rather than confined to your own selves.


Feliciano Mendes

Flora Myamba

Background: Sociology

Areas of interest/specialization: Social Protection, Gender, Applied Social Research

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer for the 5-days comprehensive Module, 3-days Monitoring & Evaluation Module, Designer and Trainer of the Senior Policy Makers Training, Trainer on Gender

Geographical Focus: Africa

Motto: Change women; hear them roar! 

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Felix Matusse

Geral Abilio Bazo

Isabela Machado

Getachew Berhanu 

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Ivan Langa
Juliet Malamba  Laurentina Manuel

Mawutor Ablo

Maria Joana de Almeida

Moonga Mumba

Background: Development Studies

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Social Protection Administration, Civil Society and Governance, Youth Entrepreneurship, Participatory Development Planning

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer

Geographical Focus: Southern Africa

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Mavlinda Cabral

Mutale Wakunuma

Background: Social Protection Financing

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Socio-Economic Development, Social Protection Systems, Poverty, Inequality, Gender

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: TRANSFORM Master Trainer, E-facilitator, Developer and Trainer of District Training

Geographical Focus: Africa

Motto: Courage is the Willingness to be Afraid but Act Anyway – Dr. Robert Anthony

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Miguel Mausse

Mwenya Kapasa

Background: Economics, Social Protection Financing

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Extension of Social Security Coverage, Social Assistance

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer

Geographical Focus: Africa

Motto/Quote: Thunder roars but does not strike. Lightning strikes but does not roar. Choose to be lightning. ―  Matshona Dhliwayo

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Sonia Polonio

Patience Matandiko

Background: Development Studies/ Social Sciences

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Pension, Social Assistance Programmes

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer for 5 Day comprehensive Module, 3-days Management Information Systems Module and District Training

Geographical Focus: Southern Africa

Motto: “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

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Teodora Soares

Patrick Ngwila

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Tomás Fuel

Portia Kekana

Background: Social Protection Financing

Areas of interest/Specialisation: Public Administration, Labour Market Policy, Social Security, Social Policy

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Master Trainer (National & District Applications), TRANSFORM Online Course Facilitator

Geographical Focus: SADC

Motto: The universe applauds action, not thoughts! – UNKNOWN

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Vanádio Monteiro

Sam Chipala

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Vilma Pinto

Samuel Ochieng

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Sarah Mshiu

Background: Economics

Areas of Interest: Social assistance schemes, Cash programmes for children

TRANSFORM Experiences/course: TRANSFORM Master Trainer, E-Facilitator

Geographical Focus: East Africa

Motto: You are the Master of your Future

Stanfield Michelo

Background : Development Management

Area of Interest: Design of Social Assistance Schemes, Child protection

TRANSFORM Experience/Courses: Developer of 3-days Monitoring & Evaluation Module and 3-days Selection and Identification Module, Master Trainer, E-Facilitator

Motto: We are the change  that we have been waiting for – President Obama

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Victor Peter Matayataya

Zororo Gandah

Background: Sociology, Development Studies

Areas of interest: Social Cash Transfers, Child Protection, Care & Support for the Elderly, Disability Affairs

TRANSFORM Experience: Master Trainer, E-Facilitator, Experience in District and Senior Policy Makers Training Applications

Geographic Focus: Sub Saharan Africa

Motto: Integrity is Everything.

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